Thursday, November 11, 2010

track record

So, I'm pretty sure that I really suck at the whole journal keeping, blogging thing.

The first time I tried blogging I was probably like, 14... and I'm pretty sure that by the time I turned 15 I had completely fogotten my login and password. Following that short-lived blogging experience, I attemped to keep a journal... a real, old-fashioned journal. Key word: attempted. I'm not sure why that would be a shock to me... even the entries in my journals from elementary school were few and far between. Speaking of childhood journal entries... have you ever gone back to read journal entries from your childhood?? I have. I was hilarious. I mean, I didn't think I was at the time, I was actually being rediculously over-dramatic. One entry that sticks out in my mind says, "Today I got in trouble for saying the word 'stupid.' It was so stupid. I've been saying that my whole entire life." I was 6 or 7 years old at the time and clearly had life experience and wisdom seeping out of my ears. Anyway, I tried the blogging thing again my freshman year of college. I'm not sure why I did it, because my entries were always about what I did over a weekend or holiday, and on occasion I would vent about something annoying going on in life... sometimes I'd even do a survey! Needless to say, I ended up deleting that account for lack of time and material. I'm sure a lot of my avid readers were toally bummed... sucks to be them.

My point is, I've got a track record for sucking at and abandoning my journal keeping/blogging efforts. My goal here is to not do that. A few of my friends blog and I'll read them on occasion... when I'm done, I always end up thinking, "I would like to do that..." And lately, I've found myself needing an outlet... a place to get out my thoughts, voice my opinions and concerns, and revel in my newly-wedded bliss. So, here I am--writing the inaugural entry. There's a lot going on in my life and in the lives of people I know these days... things that spark thoughts, things that bring a breath of joy, and things that leave you thankful for the blessings you've been given. Eventually I'll write about that stuff, but I suppose this is enough for tonight.