Monday, April 23, 2012

Reading Assessments

Me - "Tell me about the story you just read. What happened?"
H (age 5 and very serious) - "The little boy is reading. He reads to his mommy, his daddy, his papa, his grandma..."
Me - "Wow, he must read a lot! Who else could he read to?"
H - "Maybe his birth mother and birth father?"
Me - "Oh, ok... Um... So, how do you think the boy feels about reading?"
H - "He's happy and likes it, and he's a little bit grumpy...."
Me - "Oh, really? Why is he grumpy?"
H - "Because he's mad doesn't get to read to his other family maybe because he's always reading to his mommy, daddy, and papa and grandma."

I love my job. :)