Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer School & Friday Letters

I’ve been doing some major slacking lately… I’m supposed to be preparing for the summer school class I’m teaching in July, and I haven’t done anything since school got out 3 weeks ago. I’ve been thinking, "It’s only June! I’ve got plenty of time!" But now that it's June 29th, I'm starting to feel the pressure to get things done. The class doesn't start until the 23rd, so I'll still have about 20 days (from when I get back from this weekend's mini-vacay) before I start "moving in" to the classroom I'll be teaching in. 

The program only lasts a month {mornings only, Mon-Thurs… yay!} so there won’t be a ton of decorating to do. I can’t not do anything though… I’m thinking I’ll at least throw a few posters up on the walls, hang up my “Meet Mrs. K” poster, and decorate with some math & behavior anchor charts. I’m not really sure what else to do after that. Of course, Pinterest has given me a ton of ideas, but being the not-so-crafty girl that I am, I don’t have many art or craft supplies to start with and the hubby has banned me from spending money on “things for my future classroom” until I actually have a full-time teaching job… haha. {Too bad I came home at the end of the year with 2 more boxes of school supplies than I took to school in September! Oops… ;) One of the teachers from our school gave away almost her whole classroom because she was retiring, and I pretty much scored the jackpot…}

And so, does anyone have any suggestions for some quick & easy classroom d├ęcor ideas that won’t cost a ton of money?

I’m very excited to have my own little class. I'm teaching a math class of at least 13 3rd & 4th graders. Many of them are students I worked with this past school year, so that'll be nice. We're adopting a math workshop/ work stations model, and read Debbie Diller's Math Work Stations book to prepare.   

The students aren’t too familiar with math work stations, and neither am I, so it will definitely be a learning experience… haha! I’m praying that I don’t have too many pulling-my-hair-out moments… :)  Anyway, the book is pretty good and I recommend it to any elementary teacher. Lots of good ideas.

And with that, I move on to Friday Letters with Ashley for Friday's letters! I enjoyed this last time, so I’ll be doing it again. And probably again and again... :)


Dear Husband… I love you. You’re such a wonderful guy. Thanks for putting up with me and loving me even when I’m obnoxious… :)

Dear Every school district I’ve applied to thus far… Pick me! Pick me! Pleeeeeaaase PICK ME!

Dear Online Applications… you suck. How am I supposed to stand out when I’m just one name out of hundreds and thousands?

Dear Coffee… Oh, how I’ve missed you!! I sort of “gave you up” and drank tea for almost two weeks. I failed that challenge today… and it felt so good! I’ve decided that I’m allowed to drink as much tea as I want, but only 1 cup of coffee instead of several, because I suck at self-discipline.

Dear Favorite Starbucks Mug… I need to thank you for being a super oversized mug so my 1 cup of coffee can really be like 2 or 3… :)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's Ok, Thankful Thursday & 50 Followers!

 It's time for 'It's Ok Thursday' with Neely @ A Complete Waste of Makeup & Amber @ Brunch with Amber

Its Ok Thursdays

It's ok... that I was up until 1:00am last night reading Catching Fire and the only reason I stopped was because hubby woke up and said, "Do you really have to have the TV on and all the lights on and be reading? Can't you go in the other room? " (Awwww, poor sleepy J)

It's ok... that I raised my eyebrows THREE times at work today while noticing some bad interesting fashion choices: scrunchies, sleeveless mini-dresses & spaghetti strap tank tops. Since WHEN is a sleeveless mini-dress or a spaghetti strap tank office appropriate??!! And scrunchies? Really? Is it 1997? It's one thing when you're in your jams at home, but, I'm sorry, a scrunchie just doesn't go with an A-line skirt and pretty blouse.

It's ok... that I was basically afraid of the dark last night after watching some new TV show (Final Victim, I think?) on ABC. The show details the real-life events of people who were attacked & murdered in various ways and one victim miraculously survives and justice is (hopefully) served. It's on at like 10 o'clock at night and I watched it. GOOD IDEA, CLAIRE!!

It's ok... that I sometimes prefer the Glee cover of a song to the original...

It's ok... that I do multiple linky-party posts a week. Deal with it. :)
I think Neely said it well here... Who has the right to make up "Blog Rules" anyway? You don't like? Then you don't read.

And now it's time to join in for Thankful Thursdays with Then I Got To Thinking!

And here's what I'm thankful for this week:

I'm thankful for J... He did all the dishes and picked up the house while I was at the laundry mat last night. :)

I'm thankful for friends & our mini-vacay up north this weekend!

I'm thankful for bagles and tea and greek yogurt.

I'm thankful for my family and a nice dinner for Papa's 83rd birthday.

I'm thankful for my followers! I'm just 2 new bloggy friends away from having 50 followers! How cool!

I'm thankful for Channing Tatum. Anyone see his appearance on The Today Show yesterday?!
One word: Wow...


Today is also Blog Hop day and on today's post Wendelyn from Peek at a Bow is hosting a giveaway!!

Check out her page and visit the MWU Blog Hop to enter the giveaway!

Happy Go Lucky

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


It's time to link up with Jamie @ This Kind of Love for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving... this yummy chip dip... I had it at a Girls' Night last weekend with some friends, and then found it on Pinterest the other day.

Basically, it's sour cream, shredded cheddar cheese, bacon pieces & chives all mixed together. It's definitely not healthy... though you could easily use low or non fat sour cream and reduced fat cheese, less bacon, and baked chips. Though the potato chips need to be thicker because the dip would be too much for regular thin ones.

I'm loving... this book:

 I started it a couple days ago, and I hate having to put it down to do silly things... like go to work, or sleep, or shower or something....

I'm loving... that I'm going camping up north with some pretty fun peeps this weekend. Apparently, we're going to do some kind of tubing on a lazy river. I'm not quite sure how I feel about it.... lol. I am excited to try something new, but new things freek me out, so we'll see how it goes... :)

I'm loving... Shutterfly for doing a "Free 8x8 Photo Book" promo and emailing me a coupon. All I had to pay was shipping & tax. So I created and ordered a 20 pg., hard cover photo book for less than $9.00! Yay! Hopefully it looks as good in person as it did online.

I'm loving... the new season of Love In The Wild! If you don't watch, it's like The Bachelorette/Bachelor meets Survivor. And it is fun (and funny) to watch!

I'm loving...  this blog post that I found on Pinterest:  How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes. I tried it the other day, and my brushes look and feel amazing! I used to use hand/dish soap and water, but that takes a lot more effort on my part and doesn't work as well... and it was a little messier.

The only modification I made was to put the rubbing alcohol in a little plastic cup, because I was lazy and didn't feel like looking for a spray bottle  I didn't have a spray bottle available at the moment.

I'm also loving... my hubby. He's been so nice lately! I got a massage yesterday and he didn't even complain about it! :) lol.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Fun!

I've done a pretty good job at checking off my summer bucket list!
I'm so excited... & quite proud of myself. :)

So far, I have...

finished a book,
started another book,
organized my collection of classroom posters,
started making a digital scrapbook of our Spring Break vacay,
spent quality time with family & friends,
gone camping (in a tent... !!),
& spent several hours relaxing/boating on the lake

an evening on the lake

Elizabeth, Nona and I had fun playing in the backyard at Papa's house...

Say "cheese!!"

She loved the water!

She kept walking into the mist and trying to drink it... haha!

We also celebrated Kayla's (my sister-in-law) HS graduation. It feels so weird that she's all grown up! In my head, she'll always be my boyfriend's (now husband's) annoying little sister... :)

Sibling love! Justin & Kayla on her graduation day

The hubby and I waiting for the graduation ceremony to start:)

Sisters-In-Law! Christmas Eve 2011

Oh! And this was the eventful moment of the weekend...

 So, we were playing volleyball in the pool at Kayla's grad party, and the ball came right to me. I jumped up to hit it with my left hand, and I did! Apparently, I was so hard core that my WEDDING RINGS literally FEW off of my finger!

 Justin basically had a panic heart attack and kicked everyone out of the pool. We turned off the filter and pump so we could see better in the water.

Justin's little cousin thought she spotted something at the bottom of the shallow end... I dove for it and found the wedding band!

I celebrated and Justin said, "Oh, good... we found the cheep one..." Lol!

A few minutes later, our friend's boyfriend found the engagement ring at the bottom of the deep end. I told her I approved of him. :)

I hope you all are having a fabulous summer!

How are you doing on your bucket lists?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Musical Sunday Social

Sunday Social

1. What is your all-time favorite song?
This changes all the time depending on my mood and what I'm doing at the time.
But here are some of my all-time faves...

Everything by Michael Buble
Come On Eileen by Dexy's Midnight Runners
I'm Yours by Jason Mraz
PYT (Pretty Young Thing) by Michael Jackson
Bold As Love by John Mayer
Shake It Out & Dog Days Are Over by Florence and the Machine
Swallowed in the Sea by Coldplay
Hey, Soul Sister by Train
Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner by Fall Out Boy

2. What is your favorite singer/band?
 Michael Buble
John Mayer
 The Beatles
Justin Timberlake
I also love listening to soundtracks from musicals,
like Wicked, Chicago, RENT, and Mamma Mia.
3. What is your theme song/song that best describes your life?
Oh, It is Love by Hellogoodbye
4. What songs put you in a good mood? 
Making Memories of Us by Keith Urban... it's Justin's and my song. :)

And a lot of the catchy and upbeat teeny-bopper stuff... like Call Me Maybe or What Makes You Beautiful haha.

Oh, and also, two of my favorite songs as a kid... 
Another Night by The Real McCoy
(yeah, you know this one... "In the night, in my dreams, I'm in love with you cause' you talk to me like lovers do...")
Centerfold by J Giles Band
(yeah, I didn't know what this song was really about at the time ... I was only a child!)

5. What is your favorite roadtrip music?
 I prefer to make a mixed CD or playlist for roadtrips... stuff I can sing along and car-dance to, some oldies, some country, some rock, some mellow and relaxing.

6. What song are you embarrassed to admit you love?
Haha! My guilty pleasures are almost all the 90s/early 2000s girl/boy band pop music from my childhood/teen years...
Don't Turn Out The Lights by NKOTBSB (New Kids & Backstreet)
 I actually saw them in concert last summer with my friend Heather... they were awesome!
Wannabe by Spicegirls
It's Gonna Be Me by NSYNC
Baby One More Time by Britney Spears

Laugh if you want... I don't even care. :)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Letters

So, I decided to try out a new linky...
I know, I know... I've been doing a ton of these lately, but I figure that eventually I'll decide which ones to do regularly and which to do once in a while.

Plus, since it's summer, I don't have any interesting school things to share (at least not yet).

Anyway, here goes...


Dear surrounding School Districts within a 45 minute radius, Please, please, PLEASE hire me!! Or at least call me for an interview... I'm really quite a catch. Pretty please?? With a cherry on top? And whipped cream? And sprinkles?

Dear Husband, thank you for being so wonderful.

Dear Teavana, I love your Raspberry Riot Lemon Mate tea. You rock my world.

Dear Landlord, Please let us get a puppy. I need to take care of something and I want it to be cute and furry.

Dear Chinese restaurant across the street from the office, thank you for always cooking me sesame chicken when I order it even though you took it off of your menu.

Dear Pinterest, Thank you for being the ultimate distraction.

Dear Summer School Class, I'm really excited to start teaching you. Though I should probably get my butt in gear and start planning now so I don't have to do it all the week before we start...

Dear Love in the Wild, you're hilarious. I get excited to watch every week. And I love you.

Dear Bloggy Friends, You guys are so nice! Thank you for all your kind words and your inspiration. I love reading your blogs. Yay!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

It's Ok & Blog Hop Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

 I decided to join Neely @ A Complete Waste of Makeup & Amber @ Brunch with Amber for "It's ok" Thursday...


... that at 25 years-old I've memorized most of the songs from A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequal and that I'm sad when they're over. {If ou haven't seen these, and you're a fan of Harry Potter and/or musicals, you need to!}

... that I have really big asperations and little-to-no follow through when it comes to my food and diy/craft boards on Pinterest.
Ok, ok... and my work-out board, too...

... that I showered last night and didn't properly take care of my hair afterward, so now my hair looks like a a hot, blond, mess.  Hey, at least my legs are shaved... :)

... that I hate spending more than $3.00 on a stupid card... and that I almost got the hubby a 99 cent card for our anniversary (I ended up splurging on one that was $3.50-ish). I really do love getting and giving a nice card... But seriously, considering that most people throw them away, at least eventually, there is no need for them to cost so much! It's just silly.

... that I'm still not done with the book I started last fall. {I've read at least 5 other books since then. And it's really good! But I just can't seem to finish it! Every time I sit down to read, I get distracted and can't focus.... Or I forget to bring it with me in the car or out on the boat.}

... that the laundry I did over a week ago is still in the laundry basket and/or hanging outside of the closet "to finish drying" and now...

a) I have piles a nice, neat, new pile of dirty clothes on the floor
b) Justin and I have to figure out how to get through the dirty clothes maze to get to our dresser and closet
and c) Justin and I have to part the red sea of hanging garments in order to get into the closet

And it is ok that I get excited every single time I see a new job posted that I can apply for. My fingers and toes are crossed!

That's all for now. :)


It's Time to Mingle for Blog Hop Thursday!

Happy Go Lucky

Each week we will choose one blog at random to spotlight at the next week's blog hop.
This weeks guest host is: Miki's Scrapbook

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


It's time to link up with Jamie @ This Kind of Love for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I am loving this song by Coldplay... I know it's old, but it's just so good! Here's the CD version with lyrics and a live recording for your viewing pleasure:

 I am loving this book: Cold Tangerines by Shauna Niequist. It's really good! I started it last fall, and I'm finally close to finishing it! The book is actually pretty short and a quick read... My excuse? I just have a hard time reading non-fiction, plus I got busy with school.

I am loving my Dad! We haven't been able to have our Daddy-Daughters dinner for Father's Day yet because he wasn't feeling well. Hopefully we can go later this week. :)

I am loving my niece! She's so stinkin' cute! The other day when we had a Father's Day dinner with our Grandpa, Justin tried to say hi to her when she came in with my sister. Well, apparently he's scary because she ran to me instead and hugged me until I put her back down. :)
We also had fun playing with the hose outside. She liked walking into the mist and trying to drink the water... haha! I'll have to add a picture of that later, cuz I've got some funny ones!

I am loving that today is the first day of summer!! Hopefully we can spend the evening on the lake. :)
This is how hot it was when I left work yesterday!

And I am loving this melted crayon art that Teri @ A Cupcake for the Teacher posted!I've seen projects like this on Pinterest, but before I only knew of 1 other person who's tried it and was very unsure if I was crafty enough to pull it off....  I might have to try this after all!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Sunday Social

It's time for Sunday Social with Ashley @ Ashley's Carnival Ride!!

Sunday Social
This week's questions are all movie themeds... Here they are:
1. Favorite movie of all time?

Meet Me In St. Louis & Singing In The Rain
I love musicals, and classic, old movies.
And Gene Kelly & Judy Garland.

2. Favorite movie quote?

This is tough!! I have a lot, so I'll narrow it down to just a couple...

Here's one from Easy A:
Dill (Olive's dad) - [To his adopted son] Where are you from originally?

and Never Been Kissed:
Josie Geller - "That thing, that moment, when you kiss someone and everything around becomes hazy and the only thing in focus is you and this person and you realize that that person is the only person that you're supposed to kiss for the rest of your life, and for one moment you get this amazing gift and you want to laugh and you want to cry because you feel so lucky that you found it and so scared that that it will go away all at the same time."

This one isn't from a movie, but I love it... It's from Gilmore Girls (Season 5)...
Logan - "Because you're special."
Rory - "Special? Like 'stop eating the paste' special?"

3. Best movie to watch for a girls night in?

Mean Girls, Baby Mama, Easy A!!
Funny & girly, with a touch of romance.

4. Best breakup movie?

John Tucker Must Die. 
Or Chicago.
"He had it comin'..."

5. Favorite celeb eye candy?

Ryan Gosling, Rupert Grint, John Krasinski, Ryan Reynolds, Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy Renner, Channing Tatum, Matt Damon... I guess you could say that like em' funny, semi-rugged & manly... preferably with biceps.

6. Which movie star's closet would you want to raid?

Reece Witherspoon or Emma Stone... I like a blend of trendy, fun, and classic.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

It's time to Mingle!

Sorry for the double post, but Thursday is Blog Hop day!
Happy Go Lucky
Each week they choose one blog at random to spotlight at the next week's blog hop and they'll be a guest host.
This weeks guest host is.....
ME! Claire @  Live, Laugh, Love, Teach.

How exciting!
Thanks for the blog loving! :)

Good Eats!

One of the reasons I love the blog world (and Pinterest) is the overabundance of interesting and new recipes I find every week. The first year of our marriage, I only had a few recipes up my sleeve.[I've got a few good ones I'll share another time... baked nachos and baked asparagus are my biggest hits.]. The rest was a lot of Kraft Mac & Cheese. 

Here are a few yummy recipes I've tried lately...

I don't have a picture of this one, but it was really, really good...


Here are some recipes that I plan on trying soon...

Angel Hair Pasta w/ Zucchini & Tomatoes

I love pasta.... Can you tell?? lol.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What I'm Loving

It's time to link up with Jamie @ This Kind of Love for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving this Jenna Marbles video: How Girls Pack a Suitcase... it's definitely not PG, but oh my goodness is it funny! And pretty much 100% accurate... bahaha!

I'm loving my hubby! Yesterday was our 2-year anniversary. :)

I'm loving the summer weather!

I'm loving that we're done with all our testing and report writing at school! All that's left is cleaning, organizing, and packing. Thank goodness!

I'm loving the gifts we got for our students this year. We gave them some candy and bought crazy straws and made up a little tag that says, "Have a crazy, fun summer!" They turned out really cute!

I'm loving that today was the last full day of school... tomorrow is a half-day. :)

I'm loving that we're going on a camping trip with some friends this weekend, that I have a girls night planned for next Friday, and another camping trip the next weekend with more friends! Yay for summertime!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kids Are Funny {Part 2}

I love keeping track of the funny & incredibly sweet things the kids at school say.

Today, I was talking to one of our 4th graders and said, "Only 2 more days left! Are you excited for summer?" He said, "It's actually 1 1/2.."

I take that as a yes. Haha!

Here are a few others from this spring...

‎4th grade boys at dismissal:
E - "Dude, does anyone have any deodorant?"
L - "Yeah, why?"
E - "Can I use it?"
L - "No!"
E - "Oh, come on, man, my pits stink!"

Walking past the 3rd grade hallway...
B (kdg.) - Hey, that's my girlfriend!

K (2nd gr) - Mrs. K, I wish that I could stay with you forever.

Having a conversation about growing sunflowers in their classroom...
C (kdg.) - I put a lot of water on all my plants. My plants grow so fast.

J (4th gr.) - Do you have ADHD?
E - No, that's offensive!

H (kdg.) - My mom went to Wahahii.

T (kdg.) - Wow, I love you Mrs. K.

Oh, my heart. I love my job.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Sunday Social {Semi-Belated}

I'm linking up with Ashley @ Ashley's Carnival Ride for Sunday Social!

Sunday Social

Here are this week's questions...
1. How did you come up with your blog name?
To keep it short... I really like the whole "Live Laugh Love" motto, and I'm also a teacher, so I decided to throw that in as well. :)
2. What is your favorite thing about blogging?
Finding new teaching resources, crafts, recipes and fashion/beauty tips. I also just like to read about peoples' stories and experiences.

3. What is one thing you have discovered because of blogging and now can't live without?
My 2 favorite Home made mac & cheese recipes.
(previously mentioned in this post)

4. Facebook or Twitter? And why?
Facebook... because more of my friends are on it. Also, I feel a lot of pressure to come up with something good to say on my Twitter... lol!

5. If one celeb read your blog, who would you want it to be?
Emma Stone. Love her!

6. What is something you want people to know about your blog?
Hmmmm... That's a tough one because I'm still trying to find my niche. I dunno!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pros, Cons, Giveaway & a Blog Hop

Guess what?!??!

There are only 4 1/2 days of school left!!!
The only thing is, now that the end is in sight, I've got some major mixed feelings.

I'm happy that it's SUMMER and that means pretty decent weather, camping trips, boating on the lake, and spending time with family and friends.

I'm happy that I'll be done planning lessons and stressing out about all the stuff I have to do.

And I'm happy that I'll have more time to read and relax.
But, I will miss the kids... at least until summer school starts! ;)

Here are the pros & cons of my summer vacation...

Pro: More time to look and apply for full-time teaching jobs!
Con: Having to apply for jobs... It's just not fun. It's stressful and overwhelming, and I pray that this is the last summer I have to spend stewing over whether or not my name is randomly selected out of thousands of applicants for one position.Ugh.

Pro: Working 40 hours a week at my office job!
Con: Sitting at a desk for 40 hours a week at a boring office job. Don't get me wrong, I'm really thankful I have it, but sitting at a desk, not talking, not teaching, makes for a very. slow. day.

Pro: Beautiful, warm weather [for the most part]!
Con: No air conditioning + heat + humidity = bad hair & sweaty sticky skin [gross, but you can't say it's not true!!]

Pro: No more lesson planning!
Con: Feeling like I need to reorganize and go through my teacher things at home and not being able to justify leaving it be by saying, "I have too much school work and lesson plans to work on today..."

Pro: Camping, bonfires and boating!!!
Con: Bug bites, poison ivy and sunburns

Pro: More time to relax, read and veg out!!!
Con: Bad tv shows

Overall, I think the pros outweigh the cons, but I'm still feeling like a Debbie-Downer today.

Sorry! But, I guess you'll just have to deal with it... ;)


Guess what again?!

My (Not So) Elementary Life is having an awesome 100 follower giveaway!

Check it out!!

Also..... I'm joining  Happy Go Lucky, I Heart Crafty Things,

Happy Go Lucky

It's like a sock hop, but for blogs! :)
You should join us!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wednesday Loving!

It's time to link up with Jamie @ This Kind of Love for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Today I am loving the brownies that I baked Monday night. They're super chocolately and delicious. I had to try really hard not to eat the whole pan.

I'm also LOVING the lace trend happening right now...

I love this look! But I'm not sure if I'd be able to pull off the colorful skinny jeans...

I love the two newest additions to my wardrobe:
an American Eagle lace-back tank top in bright coral/salmon color...
which was on sale for only $10!!!
And a lacey tshirt from H&M in baby pink... which was only like $12!
Ooh oooooh!!

I am loving the new Conscious Discipline CD that I won in a giveaway from Heather's Heart!

I am loving that I have more time to read now that school is almost done!

And I'm loving that there are only....
5 1/2 days of school left!!! Weeeeee!!!

Side note: Last night, I was shopping at the mall with a friend. We strolled into American Eagle and my friend decided to sample the ladies' perfumes. Upon commenting on her favorite, the sales girl (who was probably in her late teens or earl y 20s) decides to give her own input, which went something like this:
"Yeah, I really like that one, too. I don't really like the other one though, it reminds me of Aeropostale or something..."

Who knew there was such animosity between brands! LOL!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Camping & Currently

I'm a girly girl... not in the always made-up way, but surely I am not a tom-boy.

Normally, I HATE bugs and grass and mud and woods, but when I'm camping it totally doesn't bother me... as much.

I'm not an outdoorsy girl, by any means, but there is something about camping and going out on the lake that I just love....

Maybe it's the disconnect from the world (unless you've got a TV with cable or a smartphone to tempt you)...
Maybe it's that I can read for hours on end while enjoying the cool breeze...
Maybe it's the s'mores... (very likely... though sticky marshmallow fingers are one of my biggest pet peeves...)
Maybe it's spending time with family & friends...
Or maybe it's relaxing out in the sun (or shade) and enjoying the beauty of God's creation.

Either way, I love it.

 I got to spend part of last weekend camping with my husband and in-laws, and it was absolutely wonderful. For the morning, we had a nice breakfast & relaxed outside. Then we spent the day out on the lake. I slathered on the sun screen and STILL got a tan. Ooh ooooohh! And, more importantly, I was finally able to really get into the book I'm reading, The Debutante. I'm at least halfway done now and very exited to get home and read s'more -- ba-dum-dum-ch!!  (Sorry, that was my cheesy joke for the day.)

And now it's time to link up with Farley @ Oh Boy 4th Grade for June Currently! Can you believe it's JUNE already?!?! I sure can't!

I love John Mayer. :)

Justin's and my 2-year anniversary is the 12th. I'm so thankful for him. :)

We have just under two weeks to finish testing, compiling lesson plans, writing up reports and otherwise documenting all of the teaching we've done this year. It's a lot to do, but my goal is to me 100% done with testing & writing reports by next Monday so on the last 3 days of school we can organize our plan binders, and clean, organize and pack up the room.

I almost always want venti non-fat vanilla latte. In college, I was Big Sister Venti Non-Fat Vanilla Latte for my last year in Sigma Phi. Good memories... :)

I'm still needing a full-time job for next year... I heard back from the recruiter at the school where I had the interview, and I didn't get the job. I'm really bummed, but I'm staying positive... it's only June 5th and maybe I'm meant to be somewhere else. I'm giving it up to God, because worrying and wondering isn't helping me much. :(

As for my Wish, Went, Want...

My wish is basically to travel the world... more specifically, I'd love to travel around Europe for a summer and spend some time in every country... or at least Italy, France, England, Ireland and Poland. That's my dream one day... I better start saving, huh?

Over spring break this year, I went on a cruise with my hubby, his sister and their parents. We had a wonderful time! It was so much fun. We spent two of the days at sea, sailing across the Caribbean and doing some of my favorite things: swimming, taking pictures, relaxing, reading, eating, and laying out while applying sunscreen every 45-80 minutes... lol.
The three days in port were spent in Key West, Grand Cayman, and Ocho Rios. We parasailed, walked around and shopped in Key West (yes, I know that's still in the US, but it's sooo much fun down there!). In Grand Cayman, we went snorkeling, explored the beach, ate some delicious food, snorkeled again, and shopped some more. Then we climbed the Dunn's River Falls, danced, and shopped yet again in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.
Best vacation ever!

This summer, I want to visit Chicago with Justin. Neither of us have ever been, and we're so close! I've heard that it's totally worth the trip to take a long weekend to enjoy the city. I'm not sure if I'd prefer going just the two of us, or if we'd like going with friends.... Any thoughts?

Friday, June 1, 2012

Sleep Talking

Justin says some really weird, funny stuff if I can get him to try to have a conversation when he's half asleep... 

Last night I was watching TV and Justin, half asleep, asked if I'd scratch his back. I said sure, and then this was our conversation... 

J - You're the best wife ever, I don't care what they say. 
Me - Who is they? 
J - People. 
Me - What do they say? 
J - Stuff. 
Me - So people say stuff? 
J - Yeah. 
Me - What do you do about it? Do you stick up for me? 
J - Yeah. 
Me - What do you do? 
J - I say, 'Stop. That's my wife. She tickles my back.'
Me - Oh, and what do you say if they don't stop? 
J - And she tickles my feet. 
Me - And that makes them stop? 
J - Usually... 
J - No, I'm just kidding, I don't stick up for you... I mean no one says anything... 


Happy Friday, everyone!