Thursday, September 6, 2012

The BIG Reveal!!!

I am SO. TIRED. And my feet hurt. I need to find better shoes.

I have no time for a quality post, buuuut......

I thought I'd share a few pictures of my 5th grade classroom! :)

It wasn't 100% finished when I took these, but it's close enough.


Welcome to my rooooom!
Back of the room.... turn in baskets (I snagged those drawers for free, but the person didn't have the frame... sad), mailbox files and my super cute reflector vest for arrival/dismissal. Haha.

Teacher corner. Note my crayon project on the wall. :)

Word walls on the cabinets... ignore the boxes, please. :)

Reading nook, science bulletin board, moral focus b-board.
Class jobs chart... the kids' numbers are written on some super cute owls, and it looks awesome now!



  1. It looks TERRIFIC!!!!!!!! All that hard work paid off!! Thanks for blogging. I love to see classroom decorating ideas. Heather

  2. Looks awesome! Wish I had a blue wall. I'm still trying to convince my principal to let me pain just one wall to break up the whiteness.

  3. Your classroom is so cute!! Part of me wishes I got my degree in elementary ed because I could have a cute classroom but I know when I get mine, I will be able to make it fun in a young-adult way.


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