Saturday, January 15, 2011

Am I productive or what?!

My poor husband, J, had to get up early today so he could meet up with my dad and help move my uncle into his new place. And then he had to come home and shovel the driveway... (he secretly likes to do this because it's "a good work out" and he likes being outside--I think he's crazy). So, I decided there were a few things I needed to accomplish while he was out of the house...

Things [I was supposed] to do today:
  • wake up early, perhaps by 9am
  • wash dishes (it never ends!!!)
  • vacuum the living room entire house
  • clean the bathroom (i.e. sink, tub, counter top, toilet, and floor)
  • swiffer-mop the entryway
  • put away the pile of clothes on the chair in the bedroom -- Note: I read that it's better to have a chair (or something) to throw you clothes (and other random things) on so they don't end up on your bed. Apparently, doing so can wreak havoc on your marriage by making your bed stressful when your bed should be reserved for stress-less sleep and, well, you know... ;0)
  • sort through laundry in preparation for a romantic trip with the hubby to the laundry mat tomorrow afternoon (bow-chicka-wow-wow)
  • shower and get ready to go out for dinner

Here's what I've actually accomplished so far today:
  • wake up at 10:30am - check!
  • eat breakfast - check!
  • watch the last six episodes of Gilmore Girls season three - check!
  • drink coffee - check!
  • stalk some blogs - check!
  • eat lunch - check!
  • play on facebook - check!
  • clean the coffee pot (i.e. run vinegar and water through it and then run it again and again until the vinegar smell is out) - check!
  • start Gilmore Girls, Season 4 - check!
J got home not too long ago and is now shoveling the snowy driveway. I suppose I should get started on that to-do list... or at least the getting ready part. :)


  1. claire! i'm not surprised..haha.
    now put on that apron of yours and do housewife-y things! ;)

  2. I did the dishes! And organized our kitchen drawers. :)

    And I showered and got ready (in less than an hour!!).


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