Sunday, November 20, 2011

"I smell snow."

There's something magical about the first snow of the season... the first few snows for that matter. I've always loved watching those big, puffy snowflakes floating in the sky. Like I'm living in a snow globe or something.

Living in Michigan at this time of year is both a blessing and a curse. It's still technically fall, and Thanksgiving is not for another few days, but the temperatures have been low and we've had at least two (very small) snowfalls thus far. Mother Nature can't seem to make up her mind, and so I can't decide whether I should trade in my light fall jacket for my winter coat.

But it's all good. I don't mind. :)

There are very few things that I actually dislike about this time of year. I could do without scraping off my car windows, the icy roads, and the slush that continues to ruin my comfy suede boots. And the Christmas music... It's a little early for that, especially since the majority of the Christmas songs they play on the radio are pretty much a million different variations of the same songs. Or have really cheesy and awkward lyrics about Santa. Anyway... I do love the classics, though, like Bing Crosby, Judy Garland and Frank Sinatra.

I love the smell of crisp, winter air.
I love drinking hot chocolate and hot cider after a day spent out in the cold.
I love getting to spend the day snuggled up in bed at home on a snow day.
I love the hustle and bustle at the shopping malls.
I love watching The Nutcracker ballet and my favorite holiday movies.
I love all the generosity and hope that this time of year brings.
I love all the extra time you get to spend with family and friends, even if it means driving to four different houses for holiday parties all in one day.
I love watching the snow fall, creating a world of sparkly white.
And I love the crunching sound that happens when you set foot on freshly fallen snow.

We haven't had enough to actually stick to the ground just yet, but it's coming soon... I can feel it.

I can't wait. :)

Winter Poem
by Nikki Giovanni

 once a snowflake fell
on my brow and i loved
it so much and i kissed
it and it was happy and called its cousins
and brothers and a web
of snow engulfed me then
i reached to love them all
and i squeezed them and they became
a spring rain and i stood perfectly
still and was a flower 

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