Friday, June 1, 2012

Sleep Talking

Justin says some really weird, funny stuff if I can get him to try to have a conversation when he's half asleep... 

Last night I was watching TV and Justin, half asleep, asked if I'd scratch his back. I said sure, and then this was our conversation... 

J - You're the best wife ever, I don't care what they say. 
Me - Who is they? 
J - People. 
Me - What do they say? 
J - Stuff. 
Me - So people say stuff? 
J - Yeah. 
Me - What do you do about it? Do you stick up for me? 
J - Yeah. 
Me - What do you do? 
J - I say, 'Stop. That's my wife. She tickles my back.'
Me - Oh, and what do you say if they don't stop? 
J - And she tickles my feet. 
Me - And that makes them stop? 
J - Usually... 
J - No, I'm just kidding, I don't stick up for you... I mean no one says anything... 


Happy Friday, everyone!

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