Monday, August 6, 2012

August Currently...

I can't believe it's AUGUST! This is nuts.

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Anyway, time to link up with Farley from Oh' Boy 4th Grade again for August Currently!

Love Gilmore Girls!
I've got the whole series on DVD, and I've watched it {in succession from beginning to end} so many times I've lost count.

I'm loving my summer school teaching job! It's so fun having "my own" class... And the kids I have are so great. We're studying fractions now, and it's so rewarding to see them get to that "Aha!" moment. Thursday, my 4th grade girls realized the "trick" to finding fractions of a number, so they decided to teach it to the 3rd graders who were stuck. LOVED IT!

My house is a mess and I still haven't cleaned up from our camping trip last weekend... oops? I'm just so not motivated. Maybe I should invite someone over so I have a reason to pick up.

I want ice cream. And we don't have any. And I'm already in my jams and don't want to change to go get some.

Duh... I'm needing a full-time teaching job.
What's new?

B2S Essentials: Well, considering I don't have to worry about my own class, all I need to worry about is making sure I'm mentally prepared and that our little classroom is cute & organized. I can't really start planning lessons since I don't know for 100% sure who will be in my intervention groups.

And so my back to school must haves are:

1. A massage {I carry ALL my stress in my shoulders}
2. Time to set up and organize the room and our materials
3. My handy-dandy grading scale.... I found this one at the Dollar Tree the other day for, you guessed it, $1!! My coworker had one last year, and I always used it... so I got my own. I'm pretty sure it's the same exact one, but oh well!

You slide the card inside to the total # of problems/questions on the assignment (this one only has 6-96 for whatever reason, but it was $1 so I'm not all worried about it), and then you find the number the student missed. Next to that number is the total % corrent. Yay! SO much easier than maually calculating every possibility before/as you grade.


  1. I love that little grading scale thingy- I have one very similar to it.
    I found your blog through the Currently Linky.
    Congrats on 75 followers!

    First with Franklin

  2. i cant believe the summer came and sure there is a job waiting for you soon =)

    Just Wild About Teaching

  3. I love Gilmore Girls! They have such a crazy fun family dynamic. I love how they speak. When my husband first met my family he definitely had to adjust to how quickly my sisters and I speak when we get excited.
    I love finding amazing things at the Dollar Store too! I always end up using my desktop calculator. Your grade scale sounds a lot easier.
    Life with Mrs. L


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