Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How do you plan?


Ok, so, how do I plan?

Well, it kind of depends on what I'm teaching and what kind of documentation I need to have for future reference or for data/record keeping purposes.

I always make up a weekly or daily plan sheet and I keep it on my teacher clipboard so I can reference it or tweak it at anytime, and so I can document what I did for future reference. This helps me manage my time, keep to the schedule, and helps me remember who goes to see what other teacher when. :)

Generally, I like to develop a skeleton plan of some sort to keep my long-term plans. If I'm planning a unit, sometimes it's just a bullet list of the things I need to cover each week and sometimes it's a more detailed "Day 1 - Some-kind-of Activity" description.

As far as daily lesson go, if I have a teacher's manual I get a little crazy with the sticky notes so I know what to do and what order to do it in. Plus, when I get to the lesson the next year, I already have an outline of what I did. I can also jot down what did/didn't work as I go!

If there's no TE I just put more details on my daily plan page.

For the intervention job I have now, I need to document everything per the government's standards for the program. So, my lesson plans are formally written out and are pretty detailed. Like college.
Yeah, fun.

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