Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Social: The Internets

 Linking up with Ashley and Neeley for Sunday Social!
Sunday Social
This week's Sunday Social is all about fun times on the Internet!
1. What is the first website you log into each day?
Usually I start with Facebook, check my email, and then visit Pinterest or Blogger.

2. Give us some funny websites that you visit that we need to know about.
Suri's Burn Book ~ A blog written by Allie Hagan as the one and only A-List Princess: Suri Cruise. It's full of tabloid-mocking and celeb gossip... written from the perspective of a well-read and snobby almost 7-year-old. Allie's actually got a real book coming out soon, which I am very excited to read.

Hyperbole and a Half ~ She hasn't posted in a a year or so (due to some personal struggles, she is taking a break from blog-land) but it is well worth it to scroll through every one of her past posts. She's absolutely hilarious!

3. Pinterest or Facebook? Why?
This is hard!! I like them both for different reasons.
I like Facebook for the following reasons:
1) Stalking Keeping in touch with family/friends/acquaintances.
2) Procrastinating / distracting myself / wasting time.
I like Pinterest for these reasons:
1) Finding cool ideas for my future classroom... if I ever get to have one... grrr...
 2) Finding ideas for crafts and home decor.
3) Fantasizing about how cute my kids' rooms / closets / pictures / faces will be.
4) Finding cool housewifey, beauty, and organization tips.
5) Finding recipes.
6) Laughing at funny ecards and quotes
7) Saying, "Aww" or "Ugh, that's so true," about various inspirational quotes
8) Teasing myself by looking at pictures of gorgeous homes that I'll never be able to afford because of the lack of my own classroom... aka... a real teaching job.
9) Putting together a dream-closet
10) Trying to get myself motivated to exercise more.
Ok, so maybe I vote for Pinterest, mostly because it's easier to justify lost hours spent online...

4. Twitter or Instagram? Why?
Instagram. Coming up with something interesting to say on Twitter is a pretty daunting task. And taking pictures is way more fun. :)

5. Favorite YouTube video. Post it!
 I'm actually not a huge you-tuber. But I still can't pick just one!! Here are a few of my faves... :)
This one is super cool... my hubby was totally obsessed with this for a while. Lol.

These girls are so talented!! I'm wondering why they weren't on America's Got Talent... or were they? I dunno... I don't watch it. Or maybe they're not from America? Lol.

 Hellogiggles made up some pretty funny youtube videos...

Jenna Marbles is always funny... even though she's also always innapropriate....

These two are actually the first parts of some fan-fiction musicals written & performed by a group called Starkid... if you love Harry Potter and musicals, you will love these videos.
 A Very Potter Musical


A Very Potter Sequel

Yes, I realize the last 2 videos make me a mega nerd...

6. Biggest online pet peeve?
This one's easy!
1) Facebook wall / blog comment wars
2) Pop-up ads
3) Spam-mail

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  1. Jenna Marbles might be inappropriate and sometimes mouthy, BUT she's absolutely hilarious! Glad someone else out there enjoys her just as much as I do!



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