Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Re: Date Night Movie

A few weeks ago, J and I had an "official" Date Night. We even planned it in advance: We'd have a nice dinner together and see a movie, stopping somewhere for treats to sneak in to the theater (don't lie, you've done it, too!).

Well, it was Date Day and we still hadn't picked our movie. And, so, I checked on some times and the following text-message conversation ensued:

Me - So, we could see Ted at 6:45… It’s the comedy with the teddy bear and the guy from Family Guy does his voice.
J - Ok. Sounds like a date.
Me - Wooo!
J - Any chance I can take you home after the movie?
Me - Haha. You can count on it! ;)
- Lol. Can we say easy?
Me - Hahaha...

Side note: While Ted was definitely a funny movie, I found it a teeny bit stupid and rediculous. But, I guess that's what you get when one of the 3 leads is a teddy bear.

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