Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Those Girls

I've never been one of those girls... you know the ones who look cute the moment they step out of the shower, or after a long, hot day working or playing outdoors. The ones who literally throw their hair up, unbrushed, in a bun or top-knot simply by looping a hair tie around a few times, the ones who put no makeup on, none at all, and still manage to look like some kind of cosmetics ad.

I like to think that maybe those girls only exist in the movies, but of course you see them from time to time at the gym, the lake, the pool... {Seriously, you just went tubing. Your hair whipped around your face in the wind and the waves, and you still look that good? What's wrong with me!?}.  Shoot, after an 8 to 9-hour day at work (inside with air conditioning) my make-up needs to be, though it probably won't be, completely redone if I plan on going out. And my hair will have fallen even flatter than it was when I left the house that morning. It might be better if I actually knew how to do that stuff remotely well, but so far, no dice.

This past weekend, J and I took Friday off work and headed up north for a long-weekend of camping, boating, and quality couple time. It was fabulous! Our campsite was RIGHT on the water, and every night while we sat by the fire pit and had dinner, we got to watch the sun set. Best camping trip ever, hands down. I will post some pictures later.

But, I noticed something while we were camping that weekend... those girls were everywhere!!

Those girls, in their hot-girl disguises, primping in the bathrooms, walking strutting around in cute outfits, wearing eyeliner and cutesy hair-do's, and too much jewelry to have just slept in a tent or with 18 (ok, maybe like 5) people crowded into a camper. To be honest, most of them were of the high school and college age-groups. And, yes, I'm being a tad sarcastic about this topic. But, still.

Who brings their hot-girl disguises to a camp ground!?

What are you doing?! You just slept in a tent. And you're not too sleepy to wake up, shower, and get your hair did before the bathrooms are closed for cleaning at 8:30? You really want sunscreen and bug spray on that outfit? How many outfits did you bring, anyway? Who does your laundry? Your eyeliner isn't going to turn into raccoon eyes in this heat? You think those 2" hoop earrings are a little much, considering the venue for today's activities?

Here are my favorite one-liners that I overheard this weekend...
"Honey, will you go get Mommy's flat iron from the green bag? I left it on the picnic table."
{Apparently, it starts early...}

"Shoot, my bronzer is broken!"
{Since you need it while you're on the boat all day?}

"I think I'm going to wear my white shorts and floral tank... but I'm not sure."
{Understandable. I'd be weary about wearing white shorts, too, if the risks of grass, dirt, and other outdoor stains were this great.}

I honestly felt awkward stumbling into the bathroom at 8:00 am with all these chicks putting their faces on... And it got me thinking: I've only been married for TWO years! Have I already let myself go?? J assured me that was a no, but I guess my insecurities can still get the best of me.  To be fair, J was the one who suggested I not bring any hair tools and minimal makeup, "just in case you felt like you needed it, not that you'd have to use it." So, all I had with me was a brush, hair ties, bobby pins, and foundation. Sure, it might have been because he didn't want to be stuck alone, waiting for me, while I took an hour to get ready to go on the boat or something. But, considering he was the one who stripped me of the necessary products and tools, J only had himself to blame if I wasn't up to par.  Thankfully he's wonderful and made me feel beautiful anyway. :)


  1. this is good! i totally feel the same way about this!! forunately my hunny makes me feel good enough that I don't have to feel low about it!

    those quotes are quite funny though and I'm sure you had tons more fun than them anyways!

  2. Claire, when Kev and I went camping a few weeks ago it was the same way!! All the teenie-boppers/youngin's were in the bathroom primping away!! In our camper I do have a hair dryer, curling iron and makeup but ummmm I rarely use it unless we are going to actually "do" something nice like the winery tours!


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