Sunday, July 1, 2012

Belated Fabulous Finds & Giveaway at Fun in Room 4B

I'm linking up with Fun in Room 4B for her Fabulous Finds Linky Party!

The one thing that I've found that I can't live without in the elementary classroom is...

No, I am not being paid to endorse this company {but a free membership would be nice ;) } ...
I just love BrainPOP! Seriously, it's like the new Bill Nye...

Here are the reasons why I chose BrainPOP...

#1 The videos are CUTE, fun, and the kids LOVE them. They're animated and the kids are quickly hooked by the hosts. Plus, they're waaayyy less cheesy than the hokey video series your school probably has in the library... unless you're lucky and your school got some new ones. {Side note: Is it just me or were all educational videos made in the 80s/90s?? The girls always have feathered bangs and scrunchies, and boys have bowl cuts and oversized geometric print tshirts!}

#2 They also always have some extra info, worksheets and other activities that the students and teachers can use to delve deeper into the subject matter covered in the video.

#3 The videos and supplemental materials I have used have always been very informative and very accurate. Since they're a new company, there's no reason to explain why Pluto isn't a planet anymore or why the textbook is wrong, etc.

#4 The site has a WIDE variety of videos covering tons of subjects in all content areas. Plus, the site is easy to use. For teachers and students. I've had kids use BrainPOP to do research and they really learned a lot from it!

As always, you still need to monitor the videos your students are watching, because they make them for a wide span of grades. And ALWAYS watch the video you're showing the the class beforehand to make sure it is age-appropriate. Avoid those awkward moments! They're the worst!


Fun in Room 4B is ALSO having a giveaway. She's giving away the best pencil sharpener ever. Literally ever. Check it out!!


  1. Claire- Thanks for popping by my blog. I am now your newest follower. Good to hear from another Kate DeCamillo fan!!

    Yo shuould check out my Fun Fridy Freebie post re: fun reading poster (including one featuring Winn Dixie and Opal from the movie version)

    Tales from a 4th and 5th Grade Teacher

  2. Oh I love BrainPop!! I can't say enough good things about it. My school had a subscription last year & I used it all of the time. My students were crazy about it!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  3. Thank you for linking up! BrainPop is surely a Fabulous Find :) We didn't have it last year and I missed it SOOO bad. Next year, we are getting the subscription again (thank goodness!).

    Fun in Room 4B

  4. I love Brainpop and so do my kids! We use it in Science ALLLL the TIME. I am your newest follower. I just started my own blog. Fancy Free in Fourth


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