Thursday, July 26, 2012

TWO cool things

Two cool things...

Number one...

I won a giveaway from Yours Truly!!!

Check out her blog. I love it!

Thank you, Jenna!!!! I am SOOO excited to try this eyeliner! And I am also excited to use that giftcard. Love Target!



And number two...

I also won a giveaway from Emily at Life, Etc.

Wanna know what I won??


Now, isn't that an amazing giveaway?!? I am so so so so excited. :)

You should really follow Emily's blog though... it's a good one!

I've honestly never been a lucky person, like I never win raffles or drawings. My team never made it to finals. Shoot, the one time I played an organized sport (softball... I was a smidge better than not very good) we were the lowest ranking team of the whole group, haha. And I've only ever surpassed the $5 mark on scratch-off lotto tickets maybe once...  the bloggy gods must like me!

Don't worry, I'll be passing on the bloggy love soon... I'm almost to 75 followers and I'm in the process of planning a giveaway to celebrate! Stay tuned! ;)

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