Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's Ok... I guess

Time for It’s Ok & Thankful Thursday, hosted by Neely, Amber and Tracy!

It's ok....

... that I'm taking a short bloggy break from setting up my summer school classroom
... that I couldn't sleep last night and overslept this morning after having the weirdest dreams EVER
... that I forgot stuff at home... so I have to come in extra early on Monday before the kids arrive since we can't get in the building again until then
... that I will be spending the majority of my Saturday and Sunday planning lessons while drinking wine
... that I was secretly hoping that typing this list would make me not as frustrated

And IT IS OK that it didn't work...

I'm thankful...

... that my hubby spent 3 hours {after he got home from work} deep cleaning our bathroom and then did the dishes... "So this is love, mmmmm mmm mm mmmmmm..." {Cinderella, anyone??} :)
... I'm thankful that Friday (tomorrow!) I get to hang out with Randee and her new hubby, Brenden!
... I am thankful that my co-worker and I get along so well
... I'm thankful that I have enough of a positive attitude to make this sucky day even a little bearable

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