Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's Ok, I'm Thankful

Time for “It’s ok” & Thankful Thursday, hosted by Neely, Amber and Tracy!

It’s ok… 
… that, between yesterday and today, I’ve eaten almost half of the banana bread that I baked yesterday morning all by myself. I used applesauce in place of butter (which actually works really well!), so it’s really not as bad as it could have been. :)
... to be lazy sometimes.
… to enjoy having the bed all to myself for an hour (ok, maybe two…) after Justin gets up for work. Even though I like to snuggle, there’s just something so wonderful about lying diagonally across the whole bed.
… to be too cranky and tired to get up early enough to look cute at work.

… that I still haven’t gone through our bags to unpack from last weekend. I’ve just had better things to do, I guess.
However, it is NOT ok… that my face has decided to break out like teenager, thus postponing my first anniversary reenactment/belated 2nd anniversary photo shoot :(

And now onto giving thanks.

I’m thankful …
… for my Aunt and Papa who had us over for a delish 4h of July dinner last night.
… for my sister.
... for chocolate.

... for The Hunger Games Trilogy.

… for my job… even though it sort of sucks sometimes.
… for my bloggy friends. You guys are awesome. :)
… for my husband, for the following reasons:

- he spent almost 2 hours cleaning our boat in 90+ degree weather, only to take it out for  3 hours on the water and to get it all dirty again.
- he tolerates my fear of being in the water alone {Jaws & Lake Placid scarred me for life… } and lovingly provides me with the necessary accommodations
- he rubbed my back last night while we watched The Descendants, which was totally not his kind of movie {it was a good one by the way… semi-depressing though}
- he shares my fear hatred spiders, but in a less severe form
- he secretly loves to snuggle
- and yesterday, while we were watching the fireworks on the lake, he had a moment of revelation and thankfulness, and told me how lucky we are. He has such a good heart. :)


  1. Hi Claire! Thanks for visiting my blog as it helped me find yours! I wanted to send you some encouragement on the job front. After staying home with my babies for 11 years then moving to another state, job hunting was tough . But the best thing I ever did was take the job that you are doing now...part time interventionist. It lead to the job I have now and I couldn't be happier. Nothing replaces the networking that you can do from within a school, whether you tutor or sub. I just know it will happen for you soon! Keep us posted!

    Teaching with Moxie

  2. aw that sucks your face is acting crazy :/
    I've just started bringing make-up in my bag to work. I try to put it on at stoplights but usually I just wait until I get to work.

  3. Girl, yes it IS completely ok to wake up too tired & cranky to put on makeup & get cute for work! Some days it's just not even worth the effort & time... :)

    Found you through the linkup!

  4. It's definitely important to be thankful for your job - so may people don't even have one. Mine can suck sometimes, but it puts dinner on the table and money in the bank!


  5. What a great idea to take a moment to be grateful!


  6. my face has been breaking out like crazy lately too! so you're not alone :)

    love your list. hope you had a great 4th!


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