Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Day in My Shoes & It's Ok/Thankful Thursday!

Happy Thursday, everyone!

I love Thursdays... mostly because the next day is Friday, and then it's the weekend.

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Ruby Red Slippers
 My Thursday (this past school year) pretty much looked like this:
6:20am - J leaves for work and wakes me up to say bye
6:30am - Wake-up attempt #1... Snooze...
6:45am - Wake-up attempt #2... Snooze...
6:55am - Wake-up attempt #3... Snooze...
7:00am - Wake up {for real} and get ready for work, pack a lunch, sort of watch Today {Btw, I am very unhappy about Ann Curry no longer being on the show. I love her!}
8:00am - Leave for my job at the office
8:30am - Arrive at the office & do office work
Leave for school between 11-11:15
Get to school by 11:20 {yeah, 5 minute drive!}
11:30-12:30pm - 3rd Grade Math Group 2
12:10-12:40pm - 2nd Grade Math Group 3
12:45-1:00pm - Break/Lunch time!
1:05-1:35pm - Kindergarten Reading Group 1
1:40-2:10pm - Kindergarten Reading Group 2
2:15-2:45pm - 3rd Grade Math 1-on-1
2:55-3:25 - 3rd Grade Math Group 3
3:45-4:30 - 4th Grade After-School Math Workshop

Due to the nature of my job, I don't know what my schedule will look like next year, but I'm assuming it'll be relatively similar. Between my co-worker and I, we serviced over 80 students in reading and math... yikes!

My typical Thursday morning over the summer looks pretty much the same, but instead of going to school I just stay at the office all day until 5:00. Super fun.


Anyway, time for It’s Ok & Thankful Thursday, hosted by Neely, Amber and Tracy!

It's ok....

... to get excited about getting my summer school classroom ready! So far, I've made pencil cups, a behavior chart w/ clothes pin clips, my "Bucket Filler" bucket, and name sticks {Don't worry... I'll be sharing everything in the next week or two}
... that I haven't done any lesson planning yet because I'm so excited to make cutsey things instead.
... to get excited every time I apply for a teaching job
... that I'm starting to get really discouraged about this whole job-hunt thing. There are over 10 different school districts surrounding my house, and still nothing. :(
... that I had dirty dishes in the sink for 4 days {don't worry, I did them this morning!}
... to buy movie theater snacks at a party store instead of the pricey concession stands

I'm thankful...

... for a husband that actually likes to snuggle
... for my Daddy. We're celebrating his bday this weekend. :)
... that my Papa lets me do laundry at his house so I don't have to do it at the laundry mat
... for movie dates with my Aunt Sue
... for the Dollar Spot at Target
... that I have 2 jobs that pay the bills when so many people are struggling to find work
... that my father-in-law's friend was able to fix our boat for super duper cheep! :)
... for bagels and cream cheese... Yum!
... for green tea... Yumm again!

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  1. I feel you on getting discouraged for jobs. I have applied for so many and not one call. Hopefully something soon!


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