Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Boredom + Writers block = A Random Series of Thoughts {for which I am sorry... sort of}

Random Thought #1
Happy Fourth of July, everyone! Unless you’re from Canada… then I wish you a belated Happy Canada Day! :)
If you’re not from the US or Canada, I’m sorry, but I do not know of a holiday off the top of my head to wish you happiness for… so I guess, “Have a great day!” will have to do. :)

Random Thought #2
I’m really ticked that our package of Hershey bars got “lost” camping this weekend. I’m pretty sure they just accidentally ended up in someone else’s cooler, and it was only a couple dollars so I feel like it’s silly to ask for it back, but I really want some chocolate! Or s’mores. Or both. Which leads me to random thought #3…

Random Thought #3
I’ve decided that on our glorious day off tomorrow, the hubs and I will be doing the following:
- sleeping until at least 8-9am (he’s an early riser… I’m doomed...)
- making blueberry pancakes for breakfast
- going out on the boat until around 1 or 2pm
- making a bonfire in our fire pit and making s’mores for a late lunch (I will totally do this despite J’s objections… and he’ll have to cave in and help me when he sees that I’m actually going to try to build the fire by myself! He’s a firemen and a pyro so I know he won’t be able to stay away… Hehehe..)
- going to my Papa’s house for family dinner and bonding time

Random Thought #4
I need to take a shower when I get home, because I am officially dirt-rocking it today... Why, you ask? Well, instead of getting up, showering and getting ready for work like a normal person this morning, I decided that my time would be better served by making myself scrambled eggs and reading a couple chapters of Catching Fire.

Random Thought #5
I want need a pet… a dog…. a cute, little, poodle-like dog that will not make my nose stuffy and my eyes itchy. Seriously though, I’m getting that itch… You know the one where you just feel the need to take care of something? I don’t do fish. Or creepy-crawly things. Or reptiles. Or amphibians. Or rodents. Or cats.

So my two options are:
get a dog
have a baby

I’m thinking that at this point in our lives, getting a dog is a better choice. Primarily because I don’t have a full-time teaching job, J needs to go back to school to get his EMT & Paramedic licenses, and also because our apartment is too small.

Random Thought #6
I want to link up for Monday Made-It soooo bad! But I am not motivated, nor am I crafty enough to actually make something I have pinned on Pinterest… There’s TONS of stuff I want to make, but when I think about trying something I’m like, “Where will I put that? And how much will I spend trying to make it? And how long will it take J to clean up after me?” Maybe I just haven’t found the right DIY project yet…

Random Thought #7
I officially suck at being crafty & creative because our 2-year anniversary has come and gone, and we did not do the photo craft thing I wanted to do. Have you seen this on Pinterest?


I thought it would be the cutest, coolest thing to do… an anniversary photo album, documenting each year of your marriage, in photos. You can add pet & babies as you go along on your life journey. I want that! But then I realized I have a problem (or several) to solve before I begin this project. Please excuse me as I “vocalize” my problems with this project in an attempt to solve them and actually get started on the thing…

Problemo numero uno:
I don’t know that I have a photo from our 1st anniversary… I know, I’m such a slacker. In my defense, our camera broke a few months after we got married (thankfully all honeymoon pictures were downloaded & printed first) and we didn’t replace it for over a year…
I suppose we could reenact our 1st anniversary… It’s not like we’ve changed much appearance-wise… though I’d have to put on my old glasses. And I love a good reenactment. A reenactment it is!!! :) I am so excited!!!

Problem #2:
Where would I keep these photos? In a regular photo album? So, I’d have an album of 2 photos? Until next year when I get to our 3rd and have 3 pictures. Then 4 for our 4th.… 
But wait!! We could do a few photos for each year! So then the album would be more fun to look at. There. Problem #2 = solved. 

Problem #3:
Who will take our pictures?? I don’t have any gifted photographer family members or friends nearby. I suppose I could settle for my sister-in-law (no offense, KK…) but this album is serious business, and I’m picky. I guess I’ll try taking some myself via the self-portrait setting. Or maybe the self-timer...

Problem #4:
J HATES taking pictures… especially for long periods of time or when there’s a need for a costume change, which this first one will require because of the 1st anniversary reenactment preceding our 2nd anniversary pictures. I could give him an ultimatum and say he has to sleep on the couch if he doesn’t do it. But our couch is really comfortable for sleeping. In fact, he naps there a lot…. Maybe we should buy a new couch that would work better to fit my needs. I could also bribe him with treats or a foot massage.... This may or may not work.

Random Thought #8
I’m definitely adding a photo shoot to our agenda for tomorrow.... :)
And it will be fun! For me at least...


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  2. You are too funny! Enjoy some QT with your hubs tomorrow :)


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